Some Chinese Words in My Related Work

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Many-Cores 众核 Test Wrapper 测试外壳
Network-On-Chip(NOC) 片上网络 Compaction 压缩(有损)
3D Chip 三维芯片 X bits 无关位
Test Compression 测试压缩 Small Delay Defect 小时延缺陷
Optical Interconnect 光互连 Timing Variation 时序偏差
Process Variation 工艺偏差 Trough Silicon Vias 硅直通孔
Negative bias temperature instability 副偏压温度不稳定性 Voltage Emergency 电压激变

Computer Engineering Academic Genealogy (From Yuan Xie, PSU)

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Test Research in China

    Prof. Shiyi Xu, Shanghai University ( 徐拾义 , 上海大学 ) . [in Chinese]
Prof. Zhongcheng Li, Institute of Computing Technolog ( 李忠诚研究员,中科院计算所 ) .
Prof. Yihe Sun, Tsinghua University(孙义和教授,清华大学). [in Chinese]
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Test Related Organization
    Test Technology Technical Council(TTTC)
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National Basic Research Program of China(973)
Benchmark, Standard and Tools

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