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Huimin Cui 崔慧敏

PhD, Associate Professor
State Key Laboratory of Computer Architecture
Institute of Computing Technology, CAS
Beijing, 100190

Office : Room 0610, ICT
Phone : 6260-0610
Email : cuihm at ict.ac.cn
B.S. Tsinghua University;
M.S. Tsinghua University;
Ph.D. Institute of Computing Technology, CAS .

Research Interests

My research interests are programming languages, compiler constructions, and compiler optimizations. My current projects include parallel programming models, multi-core compiler optimizations, parallel program optimizations, parallel algorithms, hetergeneous programming, hetergeneous compiler optimizations, and programming enviornments for emerging applications, e.g., big data processing, AI acceleration, cloud/edge computing.

On programming languages, currently I am working on a programming enviornment for machine learning applications in hetergeneous clusters. The key challenges include: programming language for accelerators, adaptive load balancing, compiler optimizations for hetergeneous clusters, resource utilization in datacenters.

On compilers constructions and optimizations, currently I am working on a new compilation methodology to integrate domain experts' optimization experiences into compilers. The purpose of this research is to enable developing a domain-specific compilers efficiently, thus closing the performance gap between domain experts' hand-tuned code and compiler-generated code. This is the topic of my PhD thesis (in Chinese).

Recent Publications